Friday, September 28, 2012

Show Saturday!

We're playing a show: Saturday, Sept 29 @ the VATICAN'T - 3213 Joe Hammer Sq. in the S. Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. w/ HOP ALONG(phila) // PARKER THOMAS(pgh emo) // UNRAVELER(pgh emo) Stick around and in a day or two we'll have full details on all the shows of our upcoming tour!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long overdue news update.

HI! We've been good, thanks for asking. Here are some things that are happening:


Wed. May 30 - @The Mish(1908 E. Carson St.) - w/ GREYS(Toronto), BARREN SCEPTER(PGH)
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Fri. Jun 08 - @222Ormsby(Mt. Oliver) - w/ ALGERNON CADWALLADER(Phila), OLD ACCUSERS(PGH)
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Sun. Jun 17 - @Roboto/Traphouse - w/ BEAU NAVIRE(CA), 1994!(Lanc), WE WERE SKELETONS(Lanc), MEANS TO AN END(PGH)
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There will be other show announcements as well. SIT TIGHT.

Sometime in July we'll be heading out to Philadelphia to record a full length record. Writing is ongoing now.

October(mid-late) will mark the beginning of our next tour. We will be going for about 2 months. US/Mex/Can. 1994! is supposta come too. Routing will be discussed over the coming weekend and booking will begin thereafter. We look forward to making your town smell bad as I'm sure you do.

Vantasia has seen her last tour. It's new van time.

Give us all your money.

IN CLOSING: Our apologies to Manny, 31st St. Pub, Caltrop, and October for having been forced to bail on the show last night. We don't like doing that.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Fest 11

we are officially part of The Fest this year. all legit and shit, not just showing up drunk'n dirty hoping to score a house show and a free wristband.

Passes go on sale on 4/20 yo. git it git it.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I have been informed on this day of a most egregious omission from my list of people to thank from the first half of tour. Carly and Brandon, thanks for your time hanging and for sharing with us your fine home and foodstuffs in El Cleve-O(the first day of the tour no less). And for your cool dog, whose name has escaped me.

In light of this, I must extend my apologies and thanks to anyone else who i may have forgotten to include!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Update!

We got to Austin this morning at about 6:00 am today, and it's HOT, as expected. Since we left Tennessee for Texas, the highs have been in the range of 108/109 degrees. There's no A.C. in Vantasia, so we're sweating our butts away. Tonight we'll be playing here in Austin at Beauty Bar with our bros Boyfrndz.

The tour so far has been radical. Thanks to everyone! Tower 2012(Locktender, South Reach, Humbert Humbert, Sean, Alex, etc.), Monster House(Reverse the Curse, Underdogs of Nipomo, Inky Skulls, Jon, Andy[we stole him], etc.). Southgate House(Vacation, Knife the Symphony, Chase, Mr. Wolary, Mr. Dickson, etc.), Baba Budan's(Shearing Pinx, Pillowbiter, Public Housing, Bridget for adding us so last minute!, Peyton our new favorite bartender and all around dude, Jon W., and once again Mr. Wolary and Mr. Dickson)(also, Thanks to Faith and Matt and Susan and little Cordelia for putting up with us for 3 days again), The Two Towers(Gnarwhal, Nameless Cults and all the householders, Jesse and Shibby and Evan), The Frame(JJ and housemates, Gnarwhal, Conestyle, Sin City Scoundrels, Ethan for letting us crash and showing us a rad kung fu flick, The travelling Nashville Crew), Denton house party(Leo and Innards, and Tommy for the place to crash, folks at the house, all the partyers), John's Warehouse in Houston(John, B L A C K I E, Lisas sons, LIMB, Link and Zelda[more cool dogs], so many friendly people).

Pictures from Southgate House

THANKS to CHASE at Bastard Sloth Records for these shots.

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