Friday, August 12, 2011


We got the van back, all fixed, and at little cost. We printed 50 more "HANG REAL HARD..." T-shirts, we'll be printing 50 more of the Old English T-shirt, along with 100 of a new design that is just fantastic and features the visage of one who is very important. We have some stickers on order. We get new show confirmations every day. We've seen the schedule for Awesome Fest V and we couldn't be more fucking stoked about the lineup we're playing with. On top of all that we've even arranged to have A PRACTICE before we leave. What does all this add up to? It's time again to go on tour. See you on the road. Here are the dates, and I'll be filling in the info as I get it:

Aug 20 - Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 w/ South Reach, Humbert Humbert, Locktender
Aug 21 - Columbus, OH @ Monster House w/ Underdogs of Nipomo
Aug 23 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House w/ Vacation, Knife the Symphony
Aug 24 - Cincinnati, OH @ Baba Budan's w/ Shearing Pinx, Pillowbiter
Aug 25 - Nashville, TN @ The Two Towers w/ Gnarwhal, Nameless Cults
Aug 26 - Memphis, TN @ The Frame w/ Gnarwhal
Aug 27 - Ft. Worth, TX
Aug 28 - Houston, TX @ 341 N. Hutcheson Warehouse with B L A C K I E, Limb
Aug 29 - Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar w/ Giant Battle Monster, Boyfrndz
Aug 30 - San Antonio, TX @ 1011 w/ Sohns, Choirs, Murdered Out
Sep 01 - Phoenix, AZ @ Chaser's w/ Dead To Me, Riverboat Gamblers
Sep 05 Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Big Kids, Dead to Me - MARTY'S BDAY/1yr Sober party
Sep 06 Riverside, CA @ Division 9 Gallery w/ Joyce Manor, Big Kids, PB&Jamage
Sep 07 Central CA
Sep 08 Bay
Sep 09 Bay
Sep 10 Bay
Sep 11 Bay
Sep 13 Portland, OR @ Saratoga w/ DLBD, Beach Party, Lee Corey Oswald
Sep 14 Portland, OR
Sep 15 Olympia, WA
Sep 16 Seattle, WA
Sep 17 Misoula, MT
Sep 18 Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 22 Denver, CO
Sep 23 Missouri
Sep 24 Minneapolis, MN
Sep 25 Chicago, IL
Sep 27 Kalamazoo, MI
Sep 28 Ft. Wayne, IN

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